What if your lawn was food?

Red okra

Not only are food producing plants beautiful, they are an asset.

WHY you should start your own garden in your yard? So! Many! Reasons!

  • They save you money on groceries
  • More nutrients
  • Know whatโ€™s in/on your food
  • Motivation for sunlight and exercise
  • Family activity
  • Encourages kids to eat more fresh food
  • Medicinal benefits
  • You appreciate the food more
  • Know the value of the food we eat
  • Helps you eat more fresh food
  • Ripened on the vine Vs. early picked
  • Helping the environment
  • Cutting commerce costs
  • Food safety
  • Better flavor
  • Sharing with neighbors friends and family

All of these things improved my quality of life tremendously. The stress only comes from website building and learning technology to share how I feel! If you feel how I feel, I encourage you to get started gardening!